Sunsets at Puerto Galera

Target release date is July 2, 2018!!!

SAPG high res cover

Book Blurb:

Tuck the palm leaf aside, feel the warm powdery sands beneath your toes and step into Puerto Galera – a humble tropical paradise on one of the Philippine islands.


Meet two of their locals, Lena and Chris, and dive right in to their on-and-off again saga starting from when they were young. She was a rich businessman’s over-protected daughter, and he, a fisherman’s meek son. Regardless, they fall in love in their teens, exploring this magical beach town. Until soon, they face inevitable life changes, uncovered secrets, flaws, consequences and the harsh reality that love, oftentimes, is never enough.


After their last devastating split that spanned a decade and thousands of miles, Lena and Chris meet again. Each with very different lives from either side of the world, they get a chance to finally have closure and move on. Or will they choose to forget all bitter memories, like those sandcastles the waves erased in time?


Sunsets at Puerto Galera is a contemporary literary debut with unabashed sensuality, exploring the resilience of two souls with their own struggles, and the bond that ties them both.

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