Lessons I Learned from My First Indie-Published Novel

A couple months had passed since I self-published my first novel. After four or five years of sleepless nights, up and downhill battle with writer's block, adventures and misadventures with editors and designers, the culmination or the actual birth held some promise. Yet even that, required way so much more planning or pre-conceived strategy, and … Continue reading Lessons I Learned from My First Indie-Published Novel

Book Blurb

Pardon the long post, but I've been obsessing on my book blurb the past 24 hours. Here it is. Please feel free to comment, good or bad, violent or doting. I'll take anything. Feel free to PM me if you're more comfortable there. Thank you much! And Happy Easter!! Stay blessed! Gently tuck the palm … Continue reading Book Blurb

Messy Chapters

Don't you just hate when you had thoughts an hour ago and you're scrambling to reimagine just exactly how it was supposed to flow either out of your mouth or pen? Another hour passes and it just wasn't going to come back. They could be a well-planned anecdote you were going to amuse your BFF with, or a funny … Continue reading Messy Chapters