Book Blurb

Pardon the long post, but I’ve been obsessing on my book blurb the past 24 hours. Here it is. Please feel free to comment, good or bad, violent or doting. I’ll take anything. Feel free to PM me if you’re more comfortable there. Thank you much! And Happy Easter!! Stay blessed!

Puerto Galera cover inspo

Gently tuck the palm leaf aside, feel the warm powdery sands beneath your toes, and step into Puerto Galera, a rich yet humble beach town in one of the Philippine Islands. This tropical wonder is the canvas of the story of Lena and Chris, as they go through youth and infatuation in modern times, where various cultures, from near and far, old and new, collide, casually affecting everyone’s lives inevitably.

The story follows Lena and Chris into adulthood, unraveling twists, sensuality, aggressive and heart-wrenching turns, flaws, consequences, and most importantly, the tough life choices they have to make.

This is an adult contemporary literary concoction with essences of young adult, new adult and romance blended in, with a heavy dash of Filipino, French, American, the nineties and thousands. Best served warm by the beach.

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