Inspirasyon at Distraksyon


I’ve never been so messed up lately. Well, I’ve been a mess since I remembered. But the thing with editing a book, writing a new one, starting a new day job, working on the social media and marketing platform of the existing book, looking for a book cover designer, looking for a proofreader and then a formatter, and being a family woman – could be quite a chunk of a load that I wonder at times why I subject myself into. Little teeny tiny bit. I’m forgetting things. I don’t know the current date every time someone asks me. I have countless unfinished tasks. My conversations are slightly distorted, mostly due to lack of sleep and focus. My skin had been breaking out (TMI). I’m mostly tired and cranky. Insert apologies here to people always within my perimeter.


This is what stinks in indie publishing: you’re literally managing each step of the process. When I say “manage”, you’re the boss – the business owner. Everything is on you – time, money, talent (or lack thereof). You somewhat need to have a split personality – one that is creative, yet also business savvy. I could see why so many hardcore writers prefer to take the traditional publishing route.


A month ago, I just started working for Fiat Chrysler and this couldn’t have messed me up more with the tests, certifications, and new systems I had to learn in a short amount of time. Most of the storm had died down, thank God, ergo the time now on hand to craft this blog. I’ve been so grateful and honored for getting this job, which is why I’ve been prioritizing building a strong knowledge base as much as possible.


As a recruiter and aspiring writer, I honestly don’t consider one or the other a full distraction. I have passion for both. When I was little, I never dreamt about being a recruiter (Does anybody?). I dreamt about being a writer. But I’ve grown to love both equally, at this stage at the least. It’s now a matter of seeing where each leads me. I feel truly blessed to be able do both. To conclude, the two jobs I do right now are both inspiring and distracting, depending on the task at hand; i.e. at times when I’m recruiting, a plot or character idea comes to mind, and at times when I should be writing, I might be exhausted from the long hours I had to put in for my recruiting job. My tasks as a mom should definitely also be added here. I wouldn’t trade it though. It’s been fun switching things up and perhaps, using different sides of my brain. Insert question mark here. I’m not a neurologist.


A quick postscript: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to my fabulous beta readers that are helping me on the copyediting stage! I’m referring to you April Camins Burro, Rowena Pabalate Abraham, Maureen Parsons, Natalie Filipek and Heidi Raubenolt. If you’re reading this – I definitely owe you a ton. I’m already seeing so many things that needed to be changed. Did you see those post-it marks in the image? It’s not even done. Thank you for bearing with me.


A second postscript here: My target release of “Sunsets at Puerto Galera” is this spring. More updates definitely to come! And also, like I mentioned, I’m currently working on a second novel that I’ll most likely title “Feast of Flowers”. This could change, of course. 😉


Thank you for staying tuned and take care!


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