Lessons I Learned from My First Indie-Published Novel

A couple months had passed since I self-published my first novel. After four or five years of sleepless nights, up and downhill battle with writer's block, adventures and misadventures with editors and designers, the culmination or the actual birth held some promise. Yet even that, required way so much more planning or pre-conceived strategy, and … Continue reading Lessons I Learned from My First Indie-Published Novel

Sunsets at Puerto Galera book release

My ebook is going live in Kindle, Kobo and Nook tomorrow, July 2nd!! My paperback is now in Amazon.com. It's soon to come to iTunes, B&N.com, IndieBound and perhaps Books-A-Million. For Philippine paperback Amazon orders, I've heard of distribution via Book Depository, Abebooks, TBD, LBC, USA Goods and Wordery. I've never tried any of them … Continue reading Sunsets at Puerto Galera book release

Excerpts from Sunsets at Puerto Galera

So this book is coming out in about a week!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I haven't been online as much, these duck feet had been paddling so freaking hard beneath the waters to make this launch happen. 🙂 Between long nights, impossible schedule, work pressure, PR stuff and book cover issues, this momma is ready for some pineapple-clad … Continue reading Excerpts from Sunsets at Puerto Galera

Messy Chapters

Don't you just hate when you had thoughts an hour ago and you're scrambling to reimagine just exactly how it was supposed to flow either out of your mouth or pen? Another hour passes and it just wasn't going to come back. They could be a well-planned anecdote you were going to amuse your BFF with, or a funny … Continue reading Messy Chapters

Midnight Oil

[I had the post below drafted 2 weeks ago, before I went down with a bug and infection (yuck). I thought twice about posting this, but I couldn't help it, sorry. But hey, anyhow, welcome to my blog! This chronicles scrappy thoughts, writing inspirations, updates, heart (or lack of it). I'll try my best to make this … Continue reading Midnight Oil