Messy Chapters

Don’t you just hate when you had thoughts an hour ago and you’re scrambling to reimagine just exactly how it was supposed to flow either out of your mouth or pen? Another hour passes and it just wasn’t going to come back. They could be a well-planned anecdote you were going to amuse your BFF with, or a funny line you thought you had in the bag for a meeting. I thought I had the perfect intro for this blog, but they just won’t come back and I’m sorry, but I won’t wait another day, or weeks to get this out. A blogpost had been overdue. As had been my unpublished novel.

We can blame it on my very demanding day job, back-to-back week-long vacations, and hosting my mom for almost a month. (Peace, mommy! :)) I have no regrets, of course. I can only be grateful.

Nevertheless, I came up with a poem last night and it’s written below. (If you’re new to me, I’ve been writing poems since I was 12… and 35, I am now) Take the lines below in any sense that you would like. Be it in writing, life, work, relationships. Who else has had messy chapters they wish they can easily reassemble or rewrite all over again? I sure am raising my hand.


Messy Chapters

Blank could be the page

I would rather

Than carefree, mindless words

Heart rarely installed

Shifting paths

With no presuppose

Pointless gears that run

To revert and fix

With no ease

To succumb and dwell

Until they trickle

Overused thoughts

That lend life listless

 Days gone by from grip

All but without absolution

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