Thoughts at Bavaro

Once in a while, your day job rewards you, with extravagance. You don’t know how you deserved it. Because more than a handful probably deserved it more. You haven’t shed any more blood, sweat and tears than they have. But someway, somehow, things worked your way.

More than a million (maybe billion?) deserve more your entitlements. You don’t know how things work out. And you realize you are not any more special than the rest.

I feel that that’s the beauty of it – the introspection… The acknowledgement that you are only taking a portion of this universe for perhaps, a cause. Not all for your own self.

To recognize what you have and what others don’t have is a step closer to gratefulness.

Gratefulness is a step closer to acts of kindness.

It just rained that morning, when I visited the Bavaro coast in Dominican Republic for the last time. Right before we left, I sat there in an almost dramatic reflection.

Philanthropy, yes, that is still the goal.

bye beach

When I stood up, I took a shot of that lonely 8 o’clock view. The following random thought whizzed out of nowhere.

“Goodbye, my love”, said the beach. “Go now, go now, before I shed my tears. I will see you soon and you shall feel my warm breath again, perhaps in a different form, a better time and another place…”


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